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Transformer AI FPGA Accelerator

Innovate Your FPGA AI Server with Adaptive Computing

Make Your GPT AI Service Light and Swift

GPT models are extremely heavy and complex with billions of parameters, demanding immense computational resources for training and inference, leading to demanding cost and performance issues.
SKYNET offers a cutting-edge Cloud/On-Premise AI server acceleration service that utilizes lightweight solutions and hardware acceleration optimized for Transformer models, delivering outstanding performance

Cloud Acceleration

We offer Transformer AI model acceleration computing services through AWS EC2 F1 and Azure NP cloud platforms. You can upload your fine-tuned Transformer models, and we also provide access to the public LLama 2 acceleration service

Technical Support

We maintain peak customer performance by offering tailored hardware and software technical support services based on the specific model and system you wish to accelerate.

On-Premise Server

We provide Transformer acceleration semiconductor IP and software solutions tailored for Xilinx Alveo U280-based servers.

AI Computing

Enhancing Server Stability and Reducing Operating Costs through Lower Power Consumption, Carbon Emissions, and Heat Generation.

Unprecedented Performence. Impeccable compatibility.

SKYNET accelerates massive transformer models like Chat-GPT using FPGA optimization. We offer this as a cloud computing service through AWS and Azure FPGA servers, providing lower costs and latency compared to GPU-based cloud computing services.
Users can freely accelerate their fine-tuned models, benefiting from the fully integrated Xilinx Vitis SDK for enhanced development convenience.

You have the option to upload your fine-tuned model or utilize Meta's Llama 2 acceleration service through SKYNET's Acceleration Cloud Service. This powerful model is extensively used by numerous big tech companies such as Qualcomm, Spotify, LG, and more, and it allows for unrestricted commercial use. SKYNET provides acceleration services for Llama 2-based applications through its Acceleration Cloud Service.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

If you were to operate a GPT AI model, SKYNET would be the best choice both in terms of cost and performance. Click the button below to start the consultation.

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